Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to get Sweaty !!!

Oh my Racket (12.01 a.m after Kyle XY)
As i said in my 1st posted, my recket (raket peram) will get up from long sleep to make move
againt. Let get it Move it... move it... love that song. Come from Madagascar, now Madagascar 2 showing.
For me, badminton is not just a good sport and in my situation & my "niat" it is time to get sweaty !!! even thought i'm not got at it. So, just do it, play and mix around. May b i might got the skill and brush up a little bit. Hope so la... hehehe.
Che Ani is the leader (ketua) for booking court and prepare shuttle cock. I just follow the leader. Che Ani said, he had booked the badminton court on tuesday and friday. If i did not miss to join, that mean i will go 8 times for this month. Fuhh... that a lot to me, but i think i can manage. Relax la bro !
Tuesday = i prepared my tshirt, track bottom & racket. Because the racket grip has gone bad, so i asked my collegue, Where is sport shop that repair racket nearby. Asif said, there are one shop near Econsave that can help me with my racket. I went to the shop and choose a grip. RM 6.50 for my new grip. Ok laa... After fix my grip, I'm eager to make my move.
6 pm, started to play... had an enjoyable time... like i said earliar, i'm not a pro or intermidiate. Just play to make my heart beat faster and pull out sweat from my skin. It was a fun game. Came back home with sweaty tshirt and happy. That all for now, its a bit late. Tomorrow is working day... get sleep and get up early !!!
See u later guyss !!!

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